2016 Calendar

Welcome to my 2016 calendar blog. Here you can find out more information about the photos I chose for each month.

2016 Calendar- Cover Photo

This photo was taken on the last night of our February 2015 road trip to California. We were driving North on the I5 in Oregon when we realized it was starting to get dark and we hadn’t made any plans for setting up camp for the night. On the map, there weren’t any campgrounds listed- I looked up and bam! a camping sign right off the highway. We pulled off into this sketchy soggy roadside opening. As the night went on interesting things began to happen- a fog rolled in, wild animals howled and the light got creepy. The light in this shot came from a streetlight.



Happy New Year! When I see this type of photograph I’m always filled with hope. Shot at Nitobe at UBC in 2013.



Arbutus menziesii- Pacific Madrone, Strawberry Tree. Shot on Hornby Island in 2006. It was the first time I laid eyes on these beautiful trees and love at first sight! http://www.nwplants.com/business/catalog/arb_men.html



This photograph was taken at Elk Falls in Campbell River in 2006, my third trip to the west coast. I was walking alone through the forest and could swear that I was being stalked. Creepy day- amazing photographs.



April in Vancouver is quite an incredible place to be. Cherry trees line the streets and the city erupts with fragrance and colour! There is a festival celebrating cherries for the entire month of April. http://www.vcbf.ca/education/history-of-our-cherry-trees




This area is called the Cheltenham Badlands. They are located in along the Bruce Trail in Caledon Ontario. I’m not sure exactly how I first came to this place. It is quite a spectacular sight along an otherwise ordinary country road. The history of the area goes something like this.. The formation was exposed by poor farming practices in the 1930s that led to soil erosion and exposed the underlying shale. At one point in time, the Cheltenham Badlands were occupied by a large river. The hills signify the riverbed and as you follow the trail, you begin to see the river history of the badlands. Thousands of years ago, this lake dried out resulting in today’s version of the Cheltenham badlands.The formation is mostly red in colour due to iron oxide deposits with some faint green streaks due to ground water percolation changing the red iron oxide into green iron oxide.

This photograph was taken in 2005. There is still evidence of farming practices with old apple trees just down the slope. The area is now closed to visitors.




In early 2015, Herb and I took a road trip to California. One of the places I was most excited about visiting was Yosemite National Park. Being a huge admirer of Ansel Adams’s work, I couldn’t wait to see the things he saw and the place that was the inspiration of much of his work. It did not disappoint! In winter with no snow and no crowds, we were free to explore the park as though we were the only ones there. This tree is remains of a fire that ravished the park in 2013. You can view more of my pictures from Yosemite here. California 2015



On that same trip to California, we visited Death Valley National Park. The contrast from the lush forests of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the barren deserts was incredible. This photo was taken from the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.



In July 2015 we went on a family vacation to Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. This was the view from our place. I had to get up early to get this shot and tiptoe around as to not wake any of my little nephews. I was successful in both missions!



In 2013, I worked at the UBC Botanical Gardens as a horticulturist. I spent much of my time there at Nitobe Memorial Garden. It is a magical place- if you have the chance to visit, go!



Oak tree in Paso Robles Vineyard, California, 2008.



Sequoia sempervirens- Coastal Redwood along the Avenue of Giants in Northern California. 2015



This is our little Christmas tree. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you are all excited about your new calendar! I know I am!